New construction of the Zorgebrücke Bielen released

Nordhausen (psv) The newly built bridge over the Zorge in Bielen was opened to traffic today after one year of construction. The opening of the bridge took place by Mayor Kai Buchmann and the local mayor of Bielen Uta Heydecke in the presence of the planning office IGS Ingenieure GmbH & Co. KG and the construction company HTB GmbH. The bridge, which has been closed to traffic for years, has been under new construction since October 2018 and has now been completed on time and on budget.

"The patience of the citizens of Biel and Sundhausen was put to the test for a decidedly long time. But now, free travel between our two districts has been restored, as well as an excellent connection to our gravel waterways. It took more than four years before the municipal share for the renovation of the dilapidated bridge could be budgeted. For the city and its districts, this ends a chapter of closures and detours," Mayor Kai Buchmann is pleased to say.
"I am proud of the good execution of the work by the contracted companies as well as the good supervision of the construction measure by the municipal construction office," concludes the Lord Mayor.

Today's opening ceremony marks the second complete renovation of bridge structures in Nordhausen this year. For more than four years, the structure in Marktstraße, which connects the Nordhausen districts of Bielen and Sundhausen, has been closed due to dilapidation. The bridge will receive a bicycle path. This was subsequently integrated into the construction planning together with the ADFC and the city administration. For this purpose, further static investigations had to be carried out on the foundation and the superstructure had to be slightly redimensioned.

Details of the bridge structure:
The new replacement structure is a filigree prestressed concrete bridge with a span width of 35.60m. For the structure, 600 m³ of concrete, corresponding to a weight of 1,500 tons, 77 tons of reinforcing steel and 16 tons of prestressing steel were used.

Construction period: 10/2018 to 10/2019
Total cost: 1.292 million euros
Own funds: 417 TEuro
Subsidies: 875 TEuro

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