Business trip to Cape Town

On February 24th, 2022, a selected team of planners and construction managers from the IGS Group went on a forward-looking trip to Cape Town, South Africa. Until March 03rd, 2022 the group was traveling around Cape Town together with planners, consultants and site managers from the UK and South Africa. In addition to visiting various interesting bridge construction sites, constructive discussions were held with the aim of establishing closer cooperation between the IGS Group and consultants and planners from South Africa in the planning and construction of modern transport infrastructure in the medium term.

Particularly impressive was the visit to the Ashton Arch Bridge in South Africa's Western Cape, the first bar arch bridge to be built in South Africa using, among other things, the transverse shear method.
In addition to 2 other new bridges, a very demanding prestressed steel-concrete arch bridge is currently being built here as part of the expansion of an approx. 15 km long multi-lane  main road.  The bridge, with a span of approx. 110 m, was built in a lateral position in the intermediate support state and then pushed in transversely. In this respect,  more than 8,000 tons of reinforced concrete and steel were moved more than 24 meters within 24 hours.

The teams involved for planning and structural engineering as well as construction supervision worked closely together to develop detailed technological procedures and thus ensure compliance with all framework conditions before the start of construction.

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