Start of construction S64 - Student housing in Schlieperstraße Berlin

April saw the start of construction for the conversion, extension and refurbishment on Schlieperstraße in Berlin. Berlinovo Grundstücksentwicklungs GmbH plans to add 2 floors to a former office building and convert it into a student dormitory. The existing building was destroyed during World War II except for the basement walls and was rebuilt in the 1950s up to the 2nd floor. The supporting structure consists of reinforced concrete ribbed ceilings and a mixture of internal steel skeleton and external masonry construction.

The roof slab, which was realized as a monopitch roof, has to be demolished to form the extension.

In order to keep the additional loads of the extension as low as possible, a combination of steel girders and wooden beam ceilings or cross-laminated timber elements is planned for the new load-bearing system. In the attic, the load-bearing walls will be made of a wooden post and beam construction. In order to maintain the clearance areas, the two additional floors are designed as recessed staggered floors, which means that the loads have to be supported by steel girders.

To ensure that the existing foundations can safely transfer the increased loads into the building ground, the foundations, which are undersized according to current standards, are underpinned by HDI columns.

As a result of the non-structural demolition, the reinforcement of the existing reinforced concrete ribbed slabs was found to be exposed over a large area. In order to maintain the stability and serviceability, a rehabilitation by means of SPCC was carried out.

Currently, the special civil engineering and the concrete rehabilitation are in full swing before the actual shell construction follows.

IGS Ingenieure GmbH & Co. KG is responsible for the work phases 3-6 and 8 of the structural design for this construction project.

Visualization: FCA Architekten, Weimar;
Foundation strengthening using HDI columns
Rib rehabilitation using SPCC

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