Start of construction "Lichtwerk II" in the northern ring area of Braunschweig

In September, construction started on the new building of 55 residential units and 20 apartments for assisted living in section A and 14 apartments in section B. The client is Nibelungen Wohnbau GmbH as part of the city of Braunschweig.

The building is divided into 5 above-ground floors and a basement or underground parking garage. Extensive greenery will be applied to the roof surfaces of the 3rd floor and the staggered storey.

The roof structure in the basement to the 1st floor consists mainly of reinforced concrete slabs and reinforced concrete wall slabs and from the 2nd floor mainly of masonry walls.

Depending on requirements, the reinforced concrete components are either cast-in-place or semi-precast. In the area of the loggias, solid precast elements will be used, which will be thermally decoupled by means of isocages.

For the realization of the underground car park, one part of the building will be completely supported by beams and columns.

Due to the difference in use between the ground and upper floors, there are few floor plan commonalities. For this purpose, wall-like beams have been arranged on the 1st floor to support the highly loaded corridor walls.

The foundation in the area of the basement is carried out by means of an elastically bedded base plate and in the area of the underground car park by means of single and strip foundations. A pavement is used as the surface.

The access ramp is planned as an unreinforced slab with predetermined crack joints, which eliminates the problem of chloride contamination.

Currently, the basement is 50% completed and the first floor is 10% completed.

IGS Ingenieure GmbH & Co. KG is responsible for work phases 1-6 and 8 of the structural design for this construction project.

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