Start of construction for the multifunctional arena in Artern in passive house standard

Construction work on the new multifunctional arena in Artern began in August.

A 3-field hall with stands, a 2-story social wing as well as a cafeteria and technical areas are integrated.

The roof structure is mainly made of gable roof glulam trusses with a span of 33m. As a small special feature, the first and last trusses are designed as rectangular girders in order to realize the planned hipped roof shape.

The other structural elements will be designed as reinforced concrete structures due to the poor subsoil and its susceptibility to settlement.

In the area of the refectory, hollow prestressed concrete planks will be used to span the large bearing spans. The FT grandstands form a continuous beam in conjunction with the slab above ground level.

The foundation is provided by an elastically bedded floor slab including haunches under the highly loaded structural elements.

In the run-up to the shell construction, the ground was improved by means of vibro-tamping columns in order to be able to transfer the building loads safely and compatibly into the ground.

Currently, 3 of 4 floor slab sections, 50% of the walls on the ground floor and the first ceiling elements have been constructed.

IGS INGENIEURE GmbH & Co. KG is responsible for the work phases 1-6 and 8 of the structural design for this construction project.

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