New building for the Dresden University School

The state capital Dresden is planning to build a new university school with new educational concepts for over 1,000 students.
The special feature of the project is the integration of the existing GDR type school into the new buildings.
For this purpose, the architectural design by ARGE Hartmann+Helm / Junk&Reich from Weimar stipulates that the existing building will be converted and one storey added. At the same time, the existing building is embedded in three individual new buildings, resulting in a complex, holistic school building.
The challenges in the area of structural planning were at least as varied.
For example, the increase increases the loads that are entered into the existing foundation, which means that they have to be upgraded.
The cafeteria is located on the ground floor of a new building. In order to enable a column-free construction, long-span wall-like beams are built on the upper floors.
In the area of new buildings there is also subsoil that is susceptible to settlement.
We as IGS Ingenieure GmbH & Co. KG are very proud to be able to support this complex project with our expertise in the area of structural planning.

Image rights: ARGE Unischule Dresden (Hartmann+Helm planning company mbH, Junk & Reich architects BDA planning company mbH)

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