Completion of the shell of the KITA Riegelsberg

For the hybrid building of the daycare center with a mixture of reinforced concrete and wood, the last roof elements could now be laid and the shell of the building thus completed.
The building has 2 offset floors, which results in a partial basement and a cantilever.
The foundation of the basement as well as the overhanging first floor was solved by means of high-ductility driven piles in connection with wall-like beams due to the poorly load-bearing subsoil. Therefore, the basement integrated into the slope was designed as a reinforced concrete structure.
The first floor is realized as a pure timber construction with BSP walls and BSP ceilings in visible quality.
IGS Ingenieure GmbH & Co. KG were allowed to take over all service phases of the structural design for this future-oriented building project for the children.


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